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The Handicap committee provides our golfers with guidance and education, while providing staff support for handicap system related issues.  As a member course of the Golf Association of Michigan,Radrick Farms Golf Course has a handicap committee consisting of your fellow golfers.

Handicap  Committee Report

The Handicap Committee presents information on the proposed changes of our Handicap Hole Allocations: Handicap Committee Report 2014

GAM Season Schedule Update:

To: GAM Members, Member Clubs, and all golf courses in the State of Michigan, 

After consultation with the Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association the GAM has chosen to push back the official Handicap posting season in Michigan until April 15, 2014.

In determining the start of an active season, the USGA Handicap System manual states that playing conditions should be consistent with those observed when the course was rated.

The GAM has taken this action due to the sever winter conditions experienced in the state and the potential for further damage to our courses.

We encourage you to play golf as the weather permits – please check with your favorite course for opening information.

The GAM Handicap Committee



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GAM Handicap Committee Description

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GAM Handicap Committee Members:

  • Frank Cinciola:  Chairperson, 2010-2014
  • Tindy Macbain
  • Debra Kuptz
  • Edward McClellan
  • Paul Scott — General Manager, RFGC
  • Jon Moll — Clubhouse Manager, RFGC
  • Mark Rudy: PGA Professional