Team & Golfer Culture

  • Radrick Farms is a family environment.
  • Our golfers, team, and guests are expected to behave in a friendly manner in order to encourage an enjoyable golf experience.
  • Instances of rude or berating behavior, or purposeful violation of policies, may result in suspension of playing privileges and/or employee discipline.
  • All golfers must adhere to the policies of Radrick Farms.
  • It is the eligible golfer’s duty to inform their guest of these policies.
  • Person’s with disabilities are encouraged to contact us if special accommodations are needed.

Geddes Rd. gate
The entrance way gate on Geddes Rd. is locked after golfing hours, when the course is closed. Please refrain from leaving any vehicles in the lot after dark. Inform the golf shop staff if you must leave a vehicle in the lot overnight. The gate will be locked well after dark every night.  No parking or standing vehicles are allowed at our entryway outside the gate.

Golfing Attire

  • No metal spikes.
  • Appropriate golfing attire is mandatory.
  • NO athletic shorts, bare feet, or tank tops will be permitted.

Golf Etiquette

  • Good golf course etiquette results in faster rounds, better course conditions, and greater enjoyment of the game.
  • Use “FORE” as a warning to other players.
  • Replace divots and repair ball marks – yours and others.
  • Do not practice or talk excessively on the course during play.
  • Never throw or bang clubs – it can be dangerous.
  • Step over others’ putting lines; do NOT scuff greens.
  • Place your litter in waste containers.
  • Please refrain from shouting. Respect golfers elsewhere on the course.


  • Never walk up the bunker faces
  • Always exit out the back and walk around the bunker.
  • Always rake the bunkers.
  • Leave rakes in the bunkers – parallel with the ball’s line-of-flight from the tee to the pin

Travel Between Nines

  • Please do not walk across the first tee when walking from the ninth to the tenth hole. Follow cart path around the rear of the first tee.
  • The 10th tee will be reserved for you 2 hours from the time you tee off from the first hole.
  • Golfers that sit down and eat between nines lose their priority on the 10th tee.

Additional Policies

  • Please visit our Information Guide for additional policies regarding the golf course.