MacKenzie – Dye Challenge for the Trueblood Cup

The MacKenzie – Dye Challenge
for the Trueblood Cup

This is an odd year, bi-annual event. Alister Mackenzie or Pete Dye? Capture the historic Trueblood Cup. If you are eligible at either University of Michigan golf course, you can play in this unique competition. Join us as we celebrate the University’s golf history and embrace a new tradition in a fun competition for all skill levels. Team members from the winning course will get a unique Game Day Experience for a 2017 Michigan Football game, plus more! This is your chance to experience competitive golf at our two premier golf courses designed by the world’s most renowned golf course architects.  Check back next year for more information about registration!

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The Historic Trueblood Cup dates back to the 1930’s. For more info on its namesake, look to information at the bottom of this page.

Who are MacKenzie, Dye, and Trueblood?

For a quick snapshot of these remarkable men, click here.