Ringer Tournament


Tournament — Memorial Day – Labor Day


White Tees: Amy Maier

Black Tees: Linda Jonides


Maize Tees: Steve Goldstein

Blue Tees: Butch Kuptz

Silver Tees: Dave Greger

White Tees: John Woodcock

Black Tees: Ken Goff


A Ringer Tournament is a multi-round golf tournament that results in one 18-hole score per player.  The tournament works this way: Golfer plays X number of rounds, and posts their scores on each hole per round.  The lowest of each round’s scores per hole are recorded will represent the final score.  The more rounds you play, the better your chances!

Example: There are three rounds; in Round one, the golfer makes a 6 on hole No. 1; during that player’s second round of golf, she scores a 7 on hole No. 1; and in a third round, scores a 4 on hole No. 1. That golfer’s score for the first hole is a 4.

“PUTT & POST” Ringer Tournament

What do you need to do to participate?

SIMPLE!  Just PUTT it out, POST your score hole-by-hole on the GAM Handicap System.

A ringer tournament is a combination of your best score from each individual hole, creating an optimal 18-hole score.  The handicap committee will be using the data collected from this tournament to ensure that our hole-by-hole handicap stroke allocations are accurate on our scorecard.

  • Prizes will be given to the low scorers in each of the seven divisions (five men’s tees, and the two women’s tees).
  • Only those who record 18-hole scores will be eligible for the “Ringer” tournament.
  • Participants MUST putt-out every hole and post hole-by-hole scores.
  • The tournament runs Memorial Day – Labor Day
  • The more individual scores you submit into the handicap system, the better your chance of winning!
  • Periodic updated tournament standings will be posted below beginning May 1st.



Tournament Results – MenWomen


Tournament Results - Men /  Women