While technically not a league, we hope that you join us regularly for Family Golf on Sunday evenings (3-5pm).  Any eligible golfer of Radrick Farms may play during the allotted time with any family member.  No technical definition of family necessary!

If you would like an opportunity to introduce any family members to golf, come on out and play at reduced rates (for non-season pass holders):  $28 for nine, $38 for 18

This hour of family golf is on a reservation basis. You can bring a complete foursome or be paired up with another family twosome.  Please call in advance to reserve a tee time. Thanks for helping us grow the game!


This league is for female golfers of all skill levels and ages.  In addition to regular weekly tee times (between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.), come out to meet new players, improve your game, and have some fun!

League play runs from late April to early September, with the possibility of extending later in the fall if the weather permits.

If you would like more information about the league or are interested in joining, please contact Martha Valen at marthavalen@comcast.net


There are two leagues that play during this period.  One is for the Faculty/Staff of the University, the other is for Faculty/Staff of the University Hospital System.  These leagues are not managed by Radrick Farms Golf Course.

If interested in the Faculty/Staff League, contact Charlie Compton:  ccompton@umich.edu

If interested in the Hospital System League contact John Richardson: jarichar@umich.edu

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The Nine-hole league is for all lady golfers at Radrick.  Tee times are scheduled starting at 8 a.m. day of and play alternates between the front and back nine.

This league is divided into two flights and a women in each flight will receive a prize based on the event scheduled for that day. This is a fun league and we hope ladies of all handicaps will join! The dues are $25 and should be paid the first week of the golf season.

If you have any questions regarding the league or are interested in joining, contact Sue Rebner at murreb@aol.com or Julie Gerber at julgerb@umich.edu.