Eligible golfers may make reservations in person at the golf shop or by calling (734) 998-7040.

Eligible golfers with a season pass enjoy unlimited greens fees for the golf season.

Daily-Fee Golfers

(Faculty/Staff, President Club, and Matthaei Club) may make tee times up to 7 days in advance (example: call Sunday for the following Sunday). 


There must be one eligible golfer in each foursome. It is the responsibility of the eligible golfer to inform and make sure their guests adhere to all of the policies established at Radrick Farms. There is no limit as to how many times an eligible golfer may bring guests or how many times a particular guest may play.


Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a Season Pass Holder to be on the golf course. Be considerate of other golfers by not holding up play. Any child under the age of 16 must adhere to the following rules:
(1) Pass a written test.
(2) Cannot make tee times.
(3) May not play before 3:00 p.m. on the weekends or holidays unless the child can meet playing eligibility requirements (see clubhouse manager).
(4) Must be accompanied by an adult who is an eligible golfer and takes full responsibility for the child’s safety and actions while on the golf course.

No Show Policy

If a tee time is not canceled and is documented as a no show, the individual who made the tee time will be subjected to a charge of $25 per player. Cancellations should be made at least 12 hours prior by calling the golf shop. 

Rain Check Policy

Rain checks are only issued when the course is closed or play is suspended for a period of time due to inclement weather. Rain checks will be valued in direct proportion to the number of holes played (i.e. if you play 13 out of 18 holes, you will receive a rain check valued at 5/18 or 28% of the paid price). Rain checks will only be issued for greens fees and cart rentals. No rain checks are issued for twilight golf once players have teed off.

Registration Requirements (a simple courtesy)

All golfers should register in the golf shop at least 20 minutes prior to their starting time and present their season-pass or affiliate identification. Faculty/Staff must present a pictured employment card (MCard) if it is their first time at the course.

Golfers should check in with the starter immediately after registering in the golf shop. Failure to meet with the starter at least 12 minutes before your scheduled tee time may result in the loss of your reserved time and a waiting group assigned to the tee. While the staff of Radrick Farms strives to recognize all of our golfers, we cannot track your whereabouts on the property.

It is the golfer’s responsibility to let the starter know they have arrived.

At least 5 minutes prior to tee time golfers should arrive at the tee, ready to play. The starter is not responsible for calling you to the tee.

Cancellations/Changes: Tee reservations should be cancelled with as much notice as possible. Early cancellation is a basic golfer courtesy. Failure to cancel or change the number of players in the allotted time can result in a $25 fine assessed per player. See “no show policy” below for specifics.

Season Pass Holders

Pass holders can make tee times up to 14 days in advance for weekdays. A lottery drawing is held for weekends and holidays. Forms must be submitted by Sunday evening for the following weekend. The drawing takes place early Monday morning (unless Monday is a holiday then the drawing takes place on Tuesday). Tee times not taken in the lottery drawing are available once the drawing has been completed and can be reserved accordingly.


Radrick Farms will try to accommodate golfers who do not have a reservation. Check with the starter for availability; there is never a guarantee. Radrick Farms reserves the right to fill any tee time. If a golfer makes a reservation with less than 4 players, they should not expect to play with only their group.


Weekend Restriction

Only one non-pass holder is permitted in each foursome before 11 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.