• The University of Michigan has, as one of its core values, an abiding commitment to sustaining a community in which the dignity of every individual is respected.  Key to this value are efforts to foster and nurture an environment of civility and mutual respect by preventing discrimination and harassment on our campus.
  • Radrick Farms Golf Course supports and promotes the University of Michigan’s efforts to ensure equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities.
  • We create an environment in which the University community and their families feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.
  • Our golfers, Team members, and guests must behave in a friendly manner in order to encourage an enjoyable golf experience . 
  • Violations of policies and instances of aggressive, rude, boorish behavior, offensive comments of a sexual nature, etc. may result in revocation of playing privileges. 
  • Good golf course etiquette results in faster rounds, better course conditions, and greater enjoyment of the game. 
  • Policies contained within the University of Michigan’s Standard Practice Guide apply to Radrick Farms.

Tee reservations should be cancelled with as much notice as possible. Early cancellation is a basic golfer courtesy. Failure to cancel or change the number of players in the allotted time can result in a $25 fine assessed per player. See “no show policy” below for specifics.

Daily-Fee Golfers

(Faculty/Staff, President Club, and Matthaei Club) may make tee times 7 days in advance. 


There must be one eligible golfer in each foursome. It is the responsibility of the eligible golfer to inform and make sure their guests adhere to all of the policies established at Radrick Farms. There is no limit as to how many times an eligible golfer may bring guests or how many times a particular guest may play.


Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a Season Pass Holder to be on the golf course. Be considerate of other golfers by not holding up play. Any child under the age of 16 must adhere to the following rules:
(1) Cannot make tee times.
(2) May not play before 1:00 p.m. on the weekends or holidays unless the child can meet playing eligibility requirements (see clubhouse manager).
(3) Must be accompanied by an adult who is an eligible golfer and takes full responsibility for the child’s safety and actions while on the golf course.

No Show Policy

If a tee time is not canceled and is documented as a no show, the individual who made the tee time is subject to a possible charge of $25 per player. 

Rain Check Policy

Rain checks are only issued when the course is closed or play is suspended for a period of time due to inclement weather.  Rain checks will be rounded to 9 hole increments based on the number of holes played (i.e. if you play 13 out of 18 holes, you will receive a rain check for 9 holes). Rain checks will only be issued for greens fees and cart rentals. 

Checking In

At least 1 hour prior to tee time: update the golf shop with names of all players in your group and cart requests

15 minutes prior to tee time: golfers notify starter of their presence

5 minutes prior to tee time: golfers must arrive at tee, ready to play

  • Eligible golfers without reservations may attempt to play on a first-come, first-served basis, but must call the golf shop before arrival for availability.
  • There is never a guarantee without a reservation.  
Weekend Restriction

Only one non-pass holder is permitted in each foursome before 11 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

  • Never walk up the bunker faces
  • Always exit out the back and walk around the bunker.
Golf Etiquette
  • Good golf course etiquette results in faster rounds, better course conditions, and greater enjoyment of the game.

  • Use “FORE” as a warning to other players.

  • Replace divots and repair ball marks – yours and others.

  • Do not practice or talk excessively on the course during play.

  • Never throw or bang clubs – it can be dangerous.

  • Step over others’ putting lines; do NOT scuff greens.

  • Place your litter in waste containers.

  • Please refrain from shouting. Respect golfers elsewhere on the course

Golfing Attire
  • No metal spikes.

  • Appropriate golfing attire is mandatory.

  • NO athletic shorts, bare feet, or tank tops will be permitted.

Travel Between Nines
  • Please do not walk across the first tee when walking from the ninth to the tenth hole. Follow cart path around the rear of the first tee.
  • The 10th tee will be reserved for you 2 hours from the time you tee off from the first hole.
Geddes Road Gate

The entrance way gate on Geddes Rd. is locked after golfing hours, when the course is closed. Please refrain from leaving any vehicles in the lot after dark. Inform the golf shop staff if you must leave a vehicle in the lot overnight. The gate will be locked well after dark every night.  No parking or standing vehicles are allowed at our entryway outside the gate.

Golf Cart Use
  • Users must sign a rental agreement and are responsible for all negligent damage

  • Only two riders and two golf bags are permitted per cart

  • Please operate golf carts on paths where provided

  • Obey directional signs

  • Keep carts at least 30′ feet away from greens and tees (an exception is provided for persons with disabilities. They are permitted to park carts 10′ from the greens and tees).

  • Do not operate golf carts between bunkers and greens

  • On the 13th hole, carts must stay on the cart path

  • Persons with disabilites are permitted to use the “90 degree” rule on the thirteenth fairway

  • Golfers must be eighteen years or older to rent and operate a golf cart

  • Keys must be immediately returned to the golf shop upon completion of the round. ($5 fee for lost key)

  • All carts are due back at the clubhouse after sunset/before dark